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Funny Homeless Signs – The Other Side of Public Signage

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From Clever to Hilarious

When people think of public signage, chances are they think of the serious safety signs that warn of danger or show courtesies to follow. But of course with the human spirit running wild, funny signs in public places have also become part of the urban landscape, from funny street signs to hilarious homeless signs.

From Clever to “I Feel Bad”

The homeless have always had a sense of humour, and it’s been magnified in the super-charged urban environment of big cities. From signs that beg for food, to creative attempts to write a book or solicit an invitation indoors, the homeless sign-holders in cities have become a source of unexpected laughs, provoking reactions from a smirk all the way to a full-blown belly laugh out loud.

Clever Homeless Sign Examples

Here a few funny homeless sign examples that evoke reactions beyond basic pity:

  • “Kill your television, donate to me”
  • “ THINK of me before you do drugs”
  • “I’m homeless and an iPhone isn’t gonna fix it”
  • “If I was an iPhone I’d be 4G”
  • “Want some free advice? Avoid my mistakes”
Are Funny Homeless Signs Effective?

It’s a tough call. Some say that it’s wrong to encouraging homelessness by entertaining the public with this kind of humour. While others remain firm on their stance that funny homeless signs humanize the people who use them, and at the very least make people smile.


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